Compare Wheelchair Conversions

Transforming a manual wheelchair into a powered wheelchair is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of both manual and powered mobility solutions – maintaining upper body movement while reducing the physical strength required to propel the wheelchair.

Many wheelchair users consider adding power to an existing manual wheelchair instead of moving to a fully powered device, especially when many people are looking for lightweight powered wheelchairs, and there are a number of wheelchair conversion products available to help you do that.

Choosing which product will be best for you can be difficult, so we’ve prepared some information to help you understand the similarities and differences. The table below compares the specifications and relative benefits of the SDMotionAssistPlus and Alber eMotion products, to give you a better idea of which might suit your needs.

SDMotionAssistPlus  Alber e-Motion 
Range Up to 30km  Up to 25km
Quick Release Wheels? Yes Yes
Total Weight  17kg (Ni-MH)
18kg (Li-ion) 
22kg (Li-ion)
Speed Up to 6kmph Up to 6kmph
Maximum User Weight  130kg 130kg
Protects Upper Body Mobility?  Yes Yes
Supports User’s Own Strength Yes Yes
Safe for Downhill?  Yes, maximum safe slope 6° Yes, maximum safe slope 6°
Battery Charging Time 2-3 hours  5-6 hours
Maximum Range per Charge  40km (Li-ion)
20km (Ni-MH)
Wheel Sizes 22” or 24” 22” or 24”
Anti-Tippers  Yes, Optional extra Yes, Optional extra
Drive Unit Width (Hub Height)  91mm 93mm

SDL are experts in customised solutions, so if you would like to know more about the available wheelchair conversions on the market, and how they can be fitted to your needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.