Wheelchair Maintenance and Servicing

If you have one of our electric wheelchairs, or power-assisted manual wheelchair systems, we recommend that you have it serviced annually. Wheelchair maintenance is crucial to ensuring that everything remains safe and reliable.

Our Wheelchair Service

Our wheelchair maintenance service can either be done at our workshop or, in some cases, at your home if you are unable to travel to us. The service includes:

– Visual inspection of controls and fittings.
– Testing of controls.
– Cleaning of all necessary parts.
– Removing wheel hubs to inspect and lubricate relevant parts.
– Checking and re-tightening wheel spokes as necessary.
– Inspecting and advising on tyre condition and whether they need changing.
– Wiping wheelchair frame and inspecting front wheels etc.

Please note: during an inspection, we may find that other components need repairing/replacing. Although parts and labour are chargeable, you can be assured that we will not commence any additional work without your authorisation.

SDL Vehicle Adaptation and Service workshops

Annual Services

We send out service reminder letters annually, usually a month before your service is due. Once you’ve received your letterĀ please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. If for any reason your wheelchair is having problems before your service is due, please contact us and we will endeavour to get your chair looked at as quickly as possible.

Book a service

To Book a services, please call us on 01442 212918. (between 8.30am – 4.30pm Mon-Thurs, or 8.30am – 3.30pm Fri)