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Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 40 years experience

Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 40 years experience

Want to speak to an advisor?

Call us on: 01442 212918

(Open Mon- Thurs: 8.00am to 4.30pm, Friday 8.00am to 3.30pm)

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Wheelchair Tie Downs and Accessories Wheelchair Storage & Loading

Q’Straint Wheelchair Docking System

Independent range of wheelchair securement and docking solutions, with more options and features than other wheelchair locking systems on the market.

Transporting a wheelchair passenger in a vehicle requires four tie-downs, two in the front and two in the rear. Any person seated in the wheelchair will also need a 3 point seat belt. This is the standard to which you should always strive to achieve.

The floor anchorages products include the Q-Straint QRT-350 and QRT-550 with a groundbreaking rating of 200kg. And the QRT-1 Series of retractors offer easy to use, effective 4-Point securement of wheelchairs for virtually any vehicle application.

If the wheelchair user is the driver, then the QLK-150 fully automated docking product offers a great solution. It’s extensively crash tested and the base mounts allow for the docking system to be mounted from 1.5″ (38mm) all the way up to to 4″ (100mm).

SDL can advise on the best wheelchair tie-down products and configurations for yoru situation, this may be part of a much bigger vehicle adaptation project we are undertaking for you or it may just be that you need a wheelchair to be secure and safe for the user when driving.



World Leader

Q'Straint are the world leader in wheelchair and occupant securement solutions

Wide choice of solutions

Extensive range of 4 Point securement systems (Retractors and Tie-downs) including the QRT-1 Series

Drive from wheelchair Docking

Wheelchair docking systems that look, feel and behave like a part of your vehicle.

QLK-150 Wheelchair Docking System

Along with a complete lineup of brackets for today’s most popular chairs, the QLK-150 features a range of exclusive brackets that can only be secured with the QLK-150

Advanced stabilizer
Dash Control
QLK-150 remote
low and high clearance floor mounts
meets higher WC/19 load requirements

Both the QLK-110 and the QLK-150 have been fully crash tested

QRT-350, 550 Floor anchorage

Stronger than any previous retractors, the QRT 350E utilises innovative energy management designs and technologies to deliver a rating of 150kg whilst the QRT-550E offers groundbreaking rating of 200kg

Industry-leading self-tensioning retractors
Smaller retractor to accommodate larger chairs
Fully meets the WC18 standard

L-Track floor anchorage can be installed throughout the vehicle and used to secure retractors or tie-downs to the floor and walls.

To Learn more about the range of docking and tie down solutions and vehicle adaptations that Steering Developments can provide, please get in touch with us.

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Everyone has been really helpful at SDL. In particular Niki, Steve & Jeff, have been friendly, knowledgable and helpful throughout my demo and adaptations installation. They are not afraid to think out of the box to find solutions to problems and they treated me as a person throughout the whole process rather than a job […]

Jo Dowdall , Leeds

We found Jeff to be most helpful and very able to answer all of our questions. Very polite and informative. Quotation, order and booking was simple and straightforward. Car collected and delivered within quoted time frame. Good work.

David Hardy , Surrey
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