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Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 30 years experience

Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 30 years experience

Want to speak to an advisor?

Call us on: 01442 212918

(Open Mon- Fri: 8.00am to 4.30pm)

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Electric Handbrake

Using an electric hand brake makes parking and hill starts a whole lot easier. Call today to speak to our team about how we can help.

The Carobrake is a device that turns a manual parking brake into an automatic parking brake at the touch of a switch.

We offer the Carobrake in two versions, the 1600N and the 2200N. The number indicates how much force or tension in Newtons that the Carobrake can put on the wire. For example, the Carobrake 2200N, equipped with the more powerful actuator, pulls the parking brake wire with a force of 2200N.

Choosing the correct Carobrake for your vehicle is very simple: If your parking brake wire needs a tension of 0-1600N use the Carobrake 1600N. And if the required tension is between 1601-2200N use the Carobrake 2200N. But of course, our experts can advise you correctly.

Both these models can be mounted under the vehicle and connected to the original parking brake wire.

We have both universal mounting brackets and vehicle specific mounting brackets for the Carobrake series.

The switch can be located in the most convenient position for the driver.

The Electric Handbrake is ideal for: 

• Drivers with limited strength in their arms

• Arthritis sufferers who find it painful to put any load on their wrist, elbow or shoulder


Carobrake tensions the vehicle’s original parking brake cable with a force up to 1600 Newtons or 2200 Newtons depending on the model. Note that performance deteriorates if the product’s cable is installed bent. Carobrake replaces the function of the handbrake lever and should not be used in combination with it. The actuator itself can be fitted in or under the vehicle, depending on the prevailing circumstances.

Carobrake has been tested and approved for handling 30,000 cycles with a 5-minute rest between each cycle.

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Efficient collection, installation and delivery service. Neat work inside car. Thanks for making wheelchair to car transfer possible.

Helen and Roy Veitch , Harpenden

Customer service was first class, the time it took was very quick and the end result was fantastic.

Theresa Raynor , Southampton