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Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 40 years experience

Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 40 years experience

Want to speak to an advisor?

Call us on: 01442 212918

(Open Mon- Thurs: 8.00am to 4.30pm, Friday 8.00am to 3.30pm)

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Driving controls and vehicle adaptations Brake, Acceleration and Pedals

Left Foot Accelerator pedals

Easy to install and remove depending on who’s driving, the 908 Pedals allow seamless left foot acceleration without compromise.

The 908 Electronic Left Foot Pedal is the perfect solution for left foot acceleration. The device itself comprises of two important components. First, an additional accelerator pedal which is mounted to the left of the brake pedal. Second, an additional ECU-IG interface which overrides the original pedal and allows the new pedal to communicate with the vehicles existing systems.

This perfectly simulates a standard driving experience with a left foot accelerator, without making any compromises whatsoever. Easy to remove and replace, the device can be fitted or stored away depending on the needs of the driver.

The great thing is that this solution does not require any modification whatsoever to the original accelerator pedal and is suitable to all Vehicle types. Seeing as how it is detachable conventional driving can be easily restored with the click of a button.

908EL Electronic Left foot Pedal

Traditional solutions for left foot drivers have often meant lots of compromise and discomfort. The 908EL seeks to fix this, offering an unencumbered driving experience with full left foot control of the accelerator.

The 908EL is installed onto a mounted but unobtrusive bracket which allows it to slide in and out with ease, depending on who’s behind the wheel. Thanks to a clever interface system, the new pedal overrides the existing right-footed pedal and communicates seamlessly with the car’s existing instruments and readings.

Non-permanent and easy to remove and replace

Switching drivers on long journeys? The left foot pedal can be removed easily to allow for traditional, unobstructed driving.

New ECU-IG interface for seamless integration

Once installed, the new left foot pedal will ‘talk’ to all of your car’s existing systems, allowing for a full driving experience.

Styled to suit existing interiors

The new accelerator pedal will blend in seamlessly with your car’s existing pedals, maintaining style and aesthetic.


908PS Reversible and Detachable

Straightforward to install yet extremely effective, the 908PS allows the driver to operate the conventional accelerator using the left foot. And when needed, its easy to remove and reinstate the conventional unobstructed driving. 

The effective design ensures complete safety for the driver. The mounting plate is securely fitted to the floor of the vehicle and the quick release mechanism is easy and fast to use. Simply push down and slide the entire device out of its bracket, leaving the floor mounting plate in place.

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We carefully choose all the ranges of products we sell and always provide expert, honest advice and guidance on which options would be best for you.

I’ve known the good people of SDL now for about eight years and have always had nothing but positive experiences. Easy going, friendly and professional, the team will do their best to creatively problem solve and improve the quality of their service to you and the experience as a disabled driver with a modified vehicle. Many […]

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Grant has always been there on the end of the phone if ever I needed any advice or support at the road side or otherwise, which I couldn’t be more grateful for. His style of business and running the SDL ‘ship’ is efficient and effective, his team work really well together to creatively problem solve […]

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