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Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 30 years experience

Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 30 years experience

Want to speak to an advisor?

Call us on: 01442 212918

(Open Mon- Fri: 8.00am to 4.30pm)

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Swivel and Transfer Seats Getting in and out

DTRAN Powered Swivel Seat

DTRAN’s lightweight programmable, powered swivel seats enable you to transfer easily, safely, and comfortably into your vehicle from your wheelchair

The DTRAN Powered Swivel Seat is synonymous with lightness, modern technology and reliability. The seat can be installed on the left or right side and offers the user a whole new experience when getting seated.

The adaptability of the D-Tran thanks to the ability to be programmed “step by step” means that many new MPV vehicles are now an option. The D-Tran has an Automatic tilting function, rotates the car seat outwards and then lowers it to the desired position.

When you need to transfer from your wheelchair into your vehicle, getting the right solution to help you do that safely, efficiently, and comfortably is extremely important. The DTRAN range from Guido Simplex has been innovatively designed to provide lightweight, programmable transfer to help you make an easy entrance and exit into your car.

Lighter than any other equivalent product, the DTRAN Basic and DTRAN Excellent are both manufactured out of aluminium, making them suitable for a wider range of vehicles, while still offering the power and function you’d expect of a heavier option.

Both models are available as right- or left-hand solutions, are operated via a control panel with an optional wireless remote control, and are fully tested and approved.

You can program both the DTRAN Basic and the Excellent, creating a step by step programme for the seat’s rotational movement – making it simpler for you to get from your wheelchair into a comfortable position within your vehicle.

Main Features

  • Powered rotation
  • Door closed: powered horizontal movement
  • Door open: powered horizontal, vertical movement and lowering function.
  • Automatic tilting system on exit
  • Reclining back rest
  • “Step by step” fully programmable
  • Incorporated Anti-Crush Sensors
  • Emergency Backup System
  • Available as a Right or Left hand side solution
  • Key pad operated (Wireless optional) As with ALL of our solutions the DTRAN
  • Excellent has been fully tested and approved.

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