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Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 40 years experience

Leading vehicle and wheelchair conversion specialists with over 40 years experience

Want to speak to an advisor?

Call us on: 01442 212918

(Open Mon- Thurs: 8.00am to 4.30pm, Friday 8.00am to 3.30pm)

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Wheelchair Roof & Boot Loading Wheelchair Storage & Loading

Abi Loader

The ultimate automatic boot-to-car wheelchair loading and delivery system. Independence at the flick of a switch

Simplify your life with the Abi Loader automatic wheelchair loading system, designed to give you complete independence and freedom to travel on your own. At the flick of a switch, Abi Loader opens the rear hatch of your car and delivers your wheelchair directly to your door. Once you unlatch your wheelchair, a second press of the switch folds the Abi Loader back into the car while you transfer to your wheelchair, even closing the rear hatch behind itself.

SDL’s Abi Loader wheelchair car storage is discrete and efficient. The Abi Loader robotic arm is not on show and has minimal impact on fuel consumption. It also doesn’t require a large space to operate, making it perfect for town and city driving – if you can open your door, you can use Abi Loader.

Fits a wide range of vehicles

The Abi Loader is suitable for cars with a high rear door, vertical or inclined, such as estate cars, station wagons, minivans, MPV, SUV, off-roaders or 4WD. And when you do change, it’s transferrable between cars

Fast and Reduces effort

Rapid 25 second fully automatic retrieve or store. Flick a switch to operate.

Reduces effort

Totally automatic, just sit and wait!

Secure and maintains your fuel economy

The car retains its original looks and fuel economy. with the added benefit that your chair stays secure, clean and dry

Park in limited spaces

Avoid the issues of roof height when in car parks or garages. Abi Loader operates in any parking space. If you can open your car door, you can load your wheelchair



Power requirements: 12 V (car battery)
14V (running engine preferable)
Current consumption: 3.5 – 13A (normal load)
Protection: Resettable circuit breaker
Drivers: 3 Standard Link actuators
Trunk Lid: Electric lock release and opened automatically by actuator
Operating temperature: – 25°C to + 40°C
Mass (Approx.): 48 kg
Wheelchair weight: 25kg normal load (up to 32kg heavy load)
Time of operation: 25 – 30 seconds (Trunk to driver’s door or vice versa)
Trunk Space Dimensions Required:
Height: 710mm minimum vertical
Width and Depth:

SDL are the only official licensed Abi Loader importers into the UK.

We have full workshop facilities and a highly skilled team with years of experience of adapting vehicles for the Abi Loader so please contact us if you would like a demonstration to see how Abi Loader can make your life easier and more independent.

Brochures and Videos

Abi Loader Main brochure (PDF)

Visit our YouTube Channel with Abi Loader videos

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Everyone has been really helpful at SDL. In particular Niki, Steve & Jeff, have been friendly, knowledgable and helpful throughout my demo and adaptations installation. They are not afraid to think out of the box to find solutions to problems and they treated me as a person throughout the whole process rather than a job […]

Jo Dowdall , Leeds

We found Jeff to be most helpful and very able to answer all of our questions. Very polite and informative. Quotation, order and booking was simple and straightforward. Car collected and delivered within quoted time frame. Good work.

David Hardy , Surrey
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