trekinetic wheelchair with SDL power wheels


Trekinetic choose SDL’s power wheels for their wheelchair

Steering Developments are extremely proud of the fact that our SDMotionDrive, which provides power for manual wheelchairs, is being used by Trekinetic in their innovative powered GTE Wheelchair. Its also used for the new SDMotion Trike, which can be viewed on our dedicated SD Motion website

Using the SDMotionDrive is a great choice for Trekinetic; as they say:

“[we] chose to put the electric motors in the wheel hubs and for very good reason. Much of a power wheelchairs weight is in the motors. With our design, when you remove the quick release wheels you remove much of that weight.”

It also means the GTE fits into many vehicles without the need to convert it.

The GTE is an all-terrain wheelchair and it can be used with or without the electric power, just like our SDMotion chair. The design is pretty innovative, retaining the user-friendly features of the K-2 but adding smoothly transmitted electric power.

We look forward to seeing what Trekinetic come up with next!

The Trekinetic Story

Trekinetic All Terrain Limited was originally a state of the art engineering company (under a different name) that specialised in the manufacture of components for the Motor Racing and Formula 1 industries. Some of the world’s most iconic road and track vehicles were originally built on components manufactured in their factory.

Back in 2000, they stumbled upon the everyday wheelchair. Alarmingly, it was still based upon an antiquated metal tube chassis design. This technique had been abandoned by most automobile manufacturers in the 1950’s, when they switched to unitary construction. Yet wheelchair manufacturers were still employing it.

Six years,14 running prototypes and thousands of modifications later, the now definitive Trekinetic was unleashed upon the world in 2006. Within 2 weeks the fledgling Trekinetic website had rocketed from zero to over 13,000 hits and the first few orders started to come.