sd motion assist drive trike


Launch of SD Motion Trike, our new all-terrain wheelchair


Steering Developments have been UK manufacturers of powered wheels for over 20 years.

In 1999, after a successful visit to Japan, we brought home the power add on systems, enabling the UK market to transform their manual wheelchairs into power chairs. Now, 24 years later, we’ve seen these systems being used all over the world, as well as appearing on our much loved tv soaps and at the Paralympics.

With the joystick power system (the SD Motion Drive) or power assistance at the hand rims (the SD Motion Assist) we give users the option to add power to their manual wheelchair both in and out of their homes.

This year we are excited to have partnered up with Mountain Trike to allow our wheelchair users the experience of riding off-road with the SD Motion Trike.

Launching at Naidex 2023, the SD Motion Trike is the complete package, offering the ultra reliable Mountain Trike base wheelchair upgraded with our SD Motion joystick system.

Following a great year of testing, developing and making small improvements to the SD Motion Trike we believe we have one of the best joystick powered trikes on the market.

The SD Motion Trike has plenty of unique key features, it is fully electric controlled with an easy to use joystick which can be mounted to either the left or right hand side.

Standard fittings include lithium-ion battery which offers a range of approx 18 miles and off-road 26” tyres provide an excellent performance over a variety of uneven terrains. The robust Mountain Trike frame with its proven track record of outstanding off-road performance makes this partnership the perfect match to bring this innovative product to market and allow even more wheelchair users access to the great outdoors.

The SD Motion Trike is easy to use, can be folded into a cube and has quick release wheels for easy transport, it weighs 37 kg which is light for an electric wheelchair. It comes in a wide range of colours and customised adaptations are available. Comfort and safety is key with rock shox air shock absorbers, electromagnetic brakes and manual safety brakes, highly efficient brushless motors with built-in braking function, various seating options with moulded comfort cushions and adjustable footplate.

Grant Harbour, Managing Director at Steering Developments Ltd said “We are very excited that this new partnership between MT and SDL has meant the SD Motion range has taken a new step forward. Since our first visit to Japan in 1999, these high quality power add on systems have allowed thousands of users to experience freedom in going to new places. Now we look forward to seeing the new SD Motion Trike in use up and down the country and beyond places users have gone before.

Tim Morgan, Managing Director at Mountain Trike says, “The SD Motion Trike has been in development for a good 18 months so I am super excited to see the product launch. Both myself and Jeff Adams from Steering Developments have an engineering background and have many years of experience working with niche mobility products so getting the product right from an engineering and end user point of view has been key and why we’ve taken time to bring it to market. For us at Mountain Trike adding this fully powered, joystick controlled, all terrain wheelchair compliments our existing wheelchair range. Helping people get outdoors, despite ability, has always been our ethos and the addition of the SD Motion Trike will enable a wider range of users with a variety of abilities to enjoy the outdoors.

Tim continues, “I’m excited about this new partnership with Steering Developments, our organisations are very aligned and bringing the Mountain Trike together with the SD Motion kit is the perfect combination for this innovative new product.

The model is currently only available for sales in the UK with a RRP of £11,950. It comes with a 3 year warranty on the Mountain Trike base frame, and a 1 year warranty for the power system.


Visit our new dedicated SD Motion website for brochures, technical details and photos