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  • The E-Fix is an electrical add-on device that fits directly on to your manual wheelchair.

    The Alber E Fix
  • E-Motion gives its users the opportunity to manually propel their chair but with a reduced load on muscles and joints. Minimal force is needed to self propel the chair and therefore the users' active range is increased.

    The Alber E Motion
  • Turnin swivel seat makes transferring from your wheelchair inside your vehicle so much easier.

    Turnin swivel seat
  • Getting into your car can sometimes be really awkward. Using a Turnout Car Swivel Seat makes getting in and out so much easier.

    Turnout swivel car seat
  • Turny Evo, power up/down swivel seat makes it possible to transfer from your wheelchair into a high vehicle such as an MPV.

    Turny Evo
  • SDL has access to a range of used mobility vehicles and cars offering substantial savings, sourced from throughout the UK.

    Used Vehicles
  • SDL has access to a range of used wheelchairs, parts and accessories. Save money compared to purchasing new equipment.

    Used Wheelchairs
  • For use with heavy power chairs and scooters direct from the pavement. It also has a lifting capacity of up to 181kg.

    Wheelchair Hoist Carolift 6000 & 6900
  • For the larger wheelchair, up to 90kg capacity, this hoist is suitable for most powered and manual wheelchairs.

    Wheelchair Hoist Carolift 90
  • Wheelchair tie-downs can be fully automatic for complete independence or manual webbing straps requiring a helper to fit them.

    Wheelchair Tie Downs