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  • Highly customisable, versatile wheelchairs from Paravan, offering the best in comfort, manoeuverability and design

    Paravan Electric Wheelchair Range
  • Having trouble with your steering? Let us make your existing power steering lighter so that it makes turning the steering wheel a whole lot easier.

    Power Steering Lightening
  • Push button ignition and start button - instead of having to insert and turn the key. Why not call us for more information.

    Push Button Ignition and Start
  • For drivers with disabilities who can no longer rely on their feet to operate the pedals, push-pull controls are the most economic way of operating by hand instead.

    Push Pull Hand Controls
  • Operate the pedals using radial hand controls if you can't rely on your feet to do the pushing

    Radial Hand Controls
  • Transform your manual wheelchair with SDMotionAssistPlus and supplement your manual independence with a boost of extra power.

  • Convert your manual wheelchair into a joystick controlled electric powered version, with a simple add on powerpack

  • Simple, handy and effective - makes reaching your seatbelt easy, without twisting or overextending.

    Seat Belt Puller
  • Steering, Brake and Accelerator controls - get into the digital age and make driving simpler.

  • If you have to steer with just one hand, a steering wheel spinner gives you complete control.

    Steering Aids