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  • Make getting into and out of your car simple and safe, with the unparalleled 17cm rise and fall of our Belek Car Seat Raiser.

    Belek Car Seat Raiser
  • Transfer both you and your wheelchair into your vehicle simply and quickly, all in one go.

  • DTRAN's lightweight programmable, powered swivel seats enable you to transfer easily, safely, and comfortably into your vehicle from your wheelchair

    DTRAN Powered Swivel Seat
  • Transfer into and out of a vehicle without changing seats. The ergonomic GTRAN swivel seat slides onto a wheelchair base for in or out of vehicle use.

    GTRAN Vehicle Transfer Seat
  • Turnin swivel seat makes transferring from your wheelchair inside your vehicle so much easier.

    Turnin swivel seat
  • Getting into your car can sometimes be really awkward. Using a Turnout Car Swivel Seat makes getting in and out so much easier.

    Turnout swivel car seat
  • Turny Evo, power up/down swivel seat makes it possible to transfer from your wheelchair into a high vehicle such as an MPV.

    Turny Evo