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  • The ultimate in 'hand' controls - a fully functioning brake and accelerator system that can be operated by virtually any limb, knee, shoulder or finger.

    Electric Brake and Accelerator
  • Change gear effortlessly with the push-button Electric Gear Selector.

    Electric Gear Selector
  • Using an electric hand brake makes parking and hill starts a whole lot easier. Call today to speak to our team about how we can help.

    Electric Handbrake
  • If you are driving from your wheelchair with a fabric backrest, an automatic head and back support will provide the security you need if you ever have an accident.

    Electric head and back rest support
  • Electric Trigger Throttle and Push Brake. By using this trigger you control the vehicles accelerator instead of using the standard pedal.

    Electric Trigger Throttle and Push Brake
  • Probably the ultimate hand control - certainly one of the originals... Pull - Pull control for both brake and accelerator.

    Feeny and Johnson Hand Controls
  • Flip up accelerators allow you to operate the accelerator pedal with your left foot - an accelerator pedal is installed each side of the brake - only one can be used at a time!

    Flip Up Accelerator
  • For drivers who can no longer rely on their feet to push the pedals, gas ring and brake controls allow you to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

    Gas Ring and Brake
  • Infra red driving controls make driving with one hand far easier. Operate multiple secondary controls from just one switch!

    Infra-Red Controls
  • User-friendly driving solutions with a multi-function steering system that offers driving independence and safety