• The ultimate in 'hand' controls - a fully functioning brake and accelerator system that can be operated by virtually any limb, knee, shoulder or finger.

    Electric Brake and Accelerator
  • Change gear effortlessly with the push-button Electric Gear Selector.

    Electric Gear Selector
  • Using an electric hand brake makes parking and hill starts a whole lot easier. Call today to speak to our team about how we can help.

    Electric Handbrake
  • If you are driving from your wheelchair with a fabric backrest, an automatic head and back support will provide the security you need if you ever have an accident.

    Electric head and back rest support
  • Electric Trigger Throttle and Push Brake. By using this trigger you control the vehicles accelerator instead of using the standard pedal.

    Electric Trigger Throttle and Push Brake
  • Probably the ultimate hand control - certainly one of the originals... Pull - Pull control for both brake and accelerator.

    Feeny and Johnson Hand Controls