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Motability Self Funded Living Life Range

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SpaceDrive is a collection of cutting-edge electronic digital systems that permit full vehicle control with the minimum of movement and effort.

A range of different input devices are available to suit the particlar driver.

Steering is achieved via a 2 or 4-way joystick or electronic mini steering wheel. Braking also uses 2 or 4-way joysticks or a smooth, linear slide arrangement.

Microprocessors transfer the movement of the driver into commands for electric motors that control the vehicle.


It will suit

  • Drivers with progressive disabilities, high level spinal cord injury or severely limited strength and movement.
  • Drivers who are unable to turn a steering wheel or operate purely mechanical brake and accelerator controls.


Main Features:

  • Dual safety using two systems running in parallel.
  • Can be precisely tuned to your needs through adjustments to the programming parameters.
  • Safe, speed-controlled steering - even at high speed.
  • Can be installed in vehicles with either hydraulic or electric power steering.
  • Steering input devices have 4-button switches that can be used for secondary controls such as indicators, lights etc.


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