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Feeny and Johnson Hand Controls

Pull/Pull Controls - Feeny & Johnson 'B' Set

Some drivers have been using the Feeny & Johnson 'B' set hand controls for well over 40 years and wouldn't use anything else!

These controls have a powerfull vacuum servo to apply full braking with only light finger pressue. 

The two seperate levers (brake and accelerator) are located under the steering wheel rim. They are operated with the minimum of effort by pulling each lever up towards the wheel. Any movement of the outer lever is reflected by a corresponding movement of the brake pedal giving the driver full control over all operations of the brake. The inner lever operates the accelorator.

We have found that if your vehicle has limited space in the footwell area, the vacuum system can be replaced with an electronic brake - which is still operated by the twin levers.



It will suit

  • Drivers who do not have the strength to use a Push/Pull hand control.
  • All types of cars


Main Features:

  • Operates the brake and accelerator using the fingers.
  • Vacuum assistance for the brake.
  • Simple and reliable
  • Allows both hands to be in contact with the steering wheel - less fatiguing.


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