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Improving the Driving Controls of a Vintage Bentley

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Improving the Driving Controls of a Vintage Bentley

Did you know that the technology that we use to make driving easier and more accessible for people with disabilities can also  be used to improve the driving experience on vintage cars?!

The Vintage Bentley is a beautiful car, but it was built long before servo assistance was available for the brakes - which meant that drivers had to use a lot more force to operate the brakes than we're used to with modern cars. 

The Feeny and Johnson Vintage Bentley Servo Assisted Brake lightens the load for drivers, providing powerful assistance to reduce the load required on the brake pedal before braking actually occurs. 

Lightening the pressure required to operate a car's brakes is something we do all the time, making driving more accessible to people with lower leg weakness, so it just goes to show that technology can be used in multiple different ways to achieve different aims! 

Adding the servo assisted brake creates minimal visual change to the car's appearance (vital for a Vintage Bentley, of course) and significantly reduces the effort of braking through power provided from the vacuum created by the engine. 

If you own a vintage Bentley, and would like to reduce the effort required to operate the brakes, why not give us a call. You'd be amazed at how much difference the servo assistance can make.

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