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Accessible London

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Accessible London

Londonis a vibrant and exciting place to visit, with plenty of opportunities to learn about history, culture, art and technology, not to mention plenty of chances for fun, food and frivolity! 

For wheelchair users there are a wide range of accessible facilities across the city, so here are a few ideas for a visit:

Buckingham Palace - probably the most recognisable symbol of London, the UK, and the British Monarchy that you could find! Wheelchair users are well catered for exploring the palace itself and other connected attractions, such as the Royal Mews, the Queen’s Gallery and Clarence House. There are stair lifts and special guided tours available to make the most of your trip – it is worth checking if there are any accessible bathrooms for the dates you plan to visit as sometimes these can be unavailable.

The London Eye - offering amazing views out across London, the Eye is an extremely popular attraction on the South Bank. Entry into the attraction is step-free, and a priority service for wheelchair users also means you can avoid the lengthy queues.  

The Tate Modern - known for being a real landmark, the Tate Modern offers constantly changing collections of well-known artists and up-and-coming talent.  Large and open, the exhibitions are well laid out, giving plenty of room to manoeuvre, and specialist Touch tours are available to guests with visual impairments.

Kew Gardens - get out of the city and into a calm, serene space for a few hours at Kew Gardens. You can arrange assisted travel to Kew with Southwest Trains so that a ramp will be made available when you want to get on and off the train. Kew is stretches across 3000 acres so it’s a good idea to choose in advance the areas you want to visit and what you want to see – the accessways and paths are mostly designed to accommodate wheelchair users but if you have any special desire to see the more remote parts of the grounds it’s a good idea to give them a call in advance.

There are plenty more accessible attractions to discover throughout our great capital, so have a look at Inclusive London for more ideas and suggestions.   

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