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Accessible Gardens and Gardening in a Wheelchair

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Accessible Gardens and Gardening in a Wheelchair

If you haven't already seen it, please take a look at our free guide to the best accessible days out in the UK - we've looked all over the country for activities and places to visit that are accessible for wheelchair users. 

Since we released the guide, we've had a great response from people who've downloaded it and found some gems they'd never considered, and we'd like to quickly highlight an email that we received this week. 

Mark Lane is a client of ours, who started his message saying "you 'electrified' my wheelchair a couple of years ago, and I'm still really happy with everything". We always love hearing from customers, and knowing that the work we've done is still appreciated - although we would like to point out that 'electrified' doesn't mean we turned his wheelchair into a deadly device! We simply converted a manual wheelchair into a powered chair. 

Mark got in touch with us because he'd seen our guide and wanted to share a project that he's working on. He's a garden designer and is, in fact, the only UK garden designer in a wheelchair. Mark wants to make gardening and visiting gardens more accessible to people with disabilities. 

He's the new owner of the garden review website Accessible Gardens - a place for disabled users to leave reviews of gardens and historic sites around the UK, based on how wheelchair-friendly they are. 

If you're planning a day out, between our guide and Mark's website you should be able to find somewhere that will be perfect no matter what your mobility needs. Leave a review, check out the existing reviews, and let us know what you think. 

Well done Mark, we hope the site is a success, and we'd like to thank you for getting in touch to let us know about it. 

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